What is the Problem?

There are many...


You don't have specific data about the prospect

The starting point of the problem has been that specific information about a prospect is lacking. No detailed information exists about who they are, their preferences, connecting cross-devices, their true interest, etc. This means that your marketing has to remain generalized and is easily ignored...because its not specific to the needs of the prospect.

Why? General messages are not as effective as relevant ones.

You spend a lot of money sending messages to people who don’t care and are probably annoyed by your message – if they even see it. What's needed is a way to connect with them right where they are in your conversion process...and continue that conversation.
And we've not even discussed campaign accountability yet...

You need to unlock consistency of message everywhere.

Think how more effective your marketing conversation could be if you could unlock the ability to re-target across platforms and devices without relying on siloed pixels or expiring cookies. Real 1:1 conversations are what you need to walk someone through the buyers journey. General 'messages', 'here and there' work sporadically if at all.


You struggle with fragmented identities

The proliferation of digital devices mean prospects engage across various touch points and multiple channels. Without a complete picture of your prospects identity, its impossible to cost-effectively identify and connect each digital source.

Why? One consumer, so many points of contact.

The proliferation of the digital world is staggering. Mobile devices, identity resolution, data fragmentation, sales attribution and privacy laws are not easy to reconcile in this digital landscape. What's needed is a cost-effective way to connect it all and keep privacy protected.

You need the flexibility to connect with the prospect everywhere.

Consider the value of being able to market to prospects, 1:1 with the right message at the right time in a way that is coherent across all your marketing platforms. Following the prospect across multiple devices being able to attribute a sale to a specific channel - all in a way that protects privacy - that is invaluable.

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Prospects don't use a single device or ad platform

In the US, the average consumer has 3 connected devices (and the average increases every year) to access the internet. You need a cost effective way to track your prospects everywhere they go.

Why? Inconsistent messages are confusing and annoying

Consider a prospect visits your site on their phone coming home from work. Perhaps they even put something in their shopping cart. When they get home, they log into their desktop. The shopping cart is empty. You've lost engagement... What's needed is a way to connect the buyers journey across devices and marketing platforms.

Unlock Cross Platform Consistency

Unlock the ability to re-target across platforms without relying on siloed pixels or expiring cookies. Have real conversations one-to-one that change based on where the prospect is in your funnel. Don't lose conversions because you can't maintain the marketing conversation across the many devices and marketing platforms of your buyers journey.


Campaigns are based on guesses and hard to track

Entire marketing campaigns that rely on cookies alone, hoping to be connected to a single prospect is the norm today. You can get some data from a cookie, but everything else you need in order to effectively communicate with your prospect along the buyers journey is just an assumption, or perhaps effectively just a wish.

Why? So many reasons...

While cookies are part of the solution, they simply cannot be the foundation of marketing strategy anymore. People use multiple devices, they share devices, they use different channels online and off. What's needed is a multi-channel, cross device solution that connects everything - both online and off and attributes the sale to the channel that worked - and a solution that does not require an enterprise-level budget.

You need a larger strategy

It is difficult (nearly impossible) to effectively re-target and track across channels, ad platforms and devices. Real ROI connects the sale to the marketing channel so you know where to leverage your ad budgets. Don't waste money on unproductive channels - know what works and why.

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One-size does not fit all

If your new customer acquisition is too expensive, inaccurate, disjointed and wasteful - its probably because you can't identify your prospect at a granular level. Too many messages fall on deaf ears that are not ready to buy. A customers path to purchase is complex, runs across many different devices and channels. All of these lead to a cluttered mess of data and a marketing campaign that is hard to track.

Why? Specific messages are more effective

The more relevant a message can be, the more effective it will be. Unfortunately, lack of identifying data means you can only send general messages. Thus, you spend a lot of money sending messages to people who don’t care and are probably annoyed by your message – if they even see it. What's needed is a way to connect with the buyers journey consistently, everywhere.

Identity resolution unlocks specific messaging

Your objective is specific, 1:1 messaging. An identity graph provides the ability to connect disparate data points in a way that allows you to connect your website visitors to a specific identity. This unlocks 1:1 marketing. But you have to be careful not to violate privacy.


You can't connect online/offline prospect identities

Following the buyers journey across devices and channels is critical, hard and expensive. Just connecting identities of anonymous prospects across devices is challenging enough. Add to that the challenges of connecting data and preventing data loss across the many vendors and systems and you face a significant mountain to climb.

Why? Because the buyers journey is at the center.

Technology silos, non-persistent data, the frequency of change and the myriad other 'bits' you have to manage make online marketing very difficult for all but the most budget endowed marketers. What's needed is a more efficient method that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

To be effective, you need the ability to market 1:1

Imagine having the ability to know exactly where a prospect is in your marketing funnel - even if they've not yet contacted you. You need to have a conversation that gives you the opportunity to present your message as if you were standing in front of the prospect. Ever consider how you could send an anonymous website visitor a direct mail piece? We can do that!

Identity Resolution Solves The Problem

Site Visitor Match creates the ability to solve these problems because of identity resolution.  Follow these links to learn more about how it works, how its key features provide you competitive advantage and the benefits you get.

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