CS011 – Chicago Gym

Chicago Gym Facebook Campaign Case Study In its first 30 days, lead gen campaign fora a Chicago are gym resulted in 87 leads at an average CPL of $10.  Previously, Client averaged 1 lead per week @ $200 CPL. Cost Per Click Before/After   95 % Reduction in Cost/Lead 28 x Number of weekly leads

CS005 – Business Consultant

Business Consultant Facebook Campaign Case Study A business consultant achieved a 50.8% reduction in CPL and a 48.8% reduction in CPA on an established Facebook lead-generation campaign.  The ONLY thing that changed was the targeting!  Based on the cost of the client’s entry-level package and the number of conversions during the campaign, the client realized …

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CS010 – Chiropractor

  Chiropractor Lead Gen Facebook Campaign Case Study 110 A lead gen campaign for a chiropractor in New Haven, Connecticut reduced CPL from $63 to $21 (67%) while tripling conversion rate. Cost Per Lead Before/After   67 % Reduction in Cost/Lead 300 % conversion rate increase

CS009 – Drug & Alcohol Rehab

  Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facebook Campaign Case Study On a service that averages $10,000 – $12,000 per sale, a campaign to generate leads for a drug & alcohol rehabilitation center achieved a 22% conversation rate (from form completion) from InMarket Targeting leads, and a reduction in CPL of 21% over previous targeting methods.  The …

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CS008 – SaaS Marketing Tool

SaaS Marketing Tool Facebook Campaign Case Study Established lead gen campaign for a SaaS Marketing Tool resulting in a 50% drop in average cost per click and a 70% reduction in the average cost per acquisition. Cost Per Click Before/After   50 % Reduction in CPC 70 % Reduction in CPA

CS007 – Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors Facebook Campaign Case Study Lead generation campaign for a group of financial advisors generated appointments at $60.59 per appointment using InMarket Targeting data vs $181.56 per appointment using standard targeting. Cost Per Click Before/After   88 % Click Thru Rate 70 % Reduction in CPL

CS006 – Florida Drug Rehab

Florida Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facebook Campaign Case Study Lead generation campaign branderd in a Florida Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center’s name reduced their CPL from $200 to $44.55.  Campaign converted at 23% with no incentive, and 30% with incentive (a PDF download).  60% of leads proceeded to a qualifying phone call. Cost Per Click …

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CS004 – Kentucky Mortgage Broker

  Kentucky Mortgage Broker Facebook Campaign Case Study A lead gen campaign for a mortgage broker in Kentucky produced an average per lead cost of $3.  Industry norms are at least $30 per non-exclusive lead andover $100 for an exclusive lead. Cost Per Lead Before/After   90 % Reduction in Cost/Lead vs Industry Average

CS003 – Medical Malpractice

  Medical Malpractice Adwords Campaign Case Study In medical malpractice, a vertical where a single client can represent upwards of $1 million, InMarket Targeting leads performed 17x better than standard targeting. Click to Call Before/After   70 % Reduction in CPC 65 % Drop in Cost per Call

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