Identity Resolution and Targeting

Whether you have your own staff and run your own campaigns, or you’d prefer to leverage our resources, we are here with the solution you need to improve your targeting and increase your marketing ROI.

Choose Self-served or Managed

Site Visitor Match and In-Market Targeting can be self-served or managed campaigns.

eMail and Direct Mail Retargeting is done by us for you.

Self-Served or Managed

Site Visitor Match

  • We are able to identify on average 50%+ of your websites visitors and provide them to you in hashed email format, which is a permanent record able to be marketed to and tracked across all channels and all devices, even via email and direct mail.
  • Each page of your site has the ability to be given its own unique pixel to identify those who visit it, allowing deeper segmentation capabilities, providing much tighter targeting opportunities.
  • Google has the strictest custom audience rules for uploading hashed emails, yet they are very attainable for most companies having spent over $50,000 in total life-time ad spend on Google’s ad platform.
  • All other platforms have very minimal qualification measures in comparison.

In-Market Targeting

  • This is an additional service that extends your ability to identify likely in-market prospects who have NOT yet visited your website (Site Visitor Match is included with this service).
  • These additional prospects are found by our ability to track multiple online behaviors of known individuals, though they remain unnamed to you.
  • From keyword searches and content consumption to social media behavior, website URL navigation and more, these people can be identified as much more likely prospects for you based on their exhibited intent.
  • Intent will trump typical demographic, psychographic or interest-based marketing methods every time.
  • Combined with Site Visitor Match, you now have much broader targeting capabilities with very minimal waste in comparison to showing ads to masses of people who you have no idea of their current interest or intent to what you’re offering.

Done For You

Email Retargeting

  • You now have the incredible ability to send identity protected emails to all of those website visitors we are able to identify when they arrive at your site.
  • Think of the power in being able to identify half or more of your site visitors, followed-up with the ability to reach the vast majority of them with emails based on the actions they took on your site.
  • Can you say major competitive advantage. Few are even aware this capability exists. Hopefully you can see the power of it.

Direct Mail Retargeting Service


  • Very soon you will be able to send even individual mail pieces custom printed to all of your identified website visitors.
  • In almost all cases the prospect will receive the mail piece within 48 hours of the time you place your order, and it’s able to be done cost effectively.

Let’s make awesome things, together.

When you combine all these services with permanent reach across all channels and devices, your competitors won’t know what hit them. This is where all of marketing is headed and fast.  The sooner you can have the advantage, the better.  Don’t let them be used against you. 

Get Site Visitor Match Working for you!

There’s no smarter, safer, more consistent way
to grow your company.

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