About Us

We Bring You Prioritized Focus

Our simple system keeps you focused on your largest lever… your website visitors and in-market prospects nearing a purchase. They are your highest probability, shortest path, and best use of resources for profits.

Who We Are

We are a team of seasoned marketers and data scientists allowing you to simply implement people-based marketing via one of America’s largest privately-owned identity graphs.

Our Mission

Make ourselves indispensable to you by implementing a simple 3-Step System that allows you to dominate your most profitable segment for consistently more sales and higher profits.  

What We Do

We leverage artificial intelligence and big data to provide you a simple and effective way to personally identity your proven intent prospects & allow you to reach them across all channels and devices without expiration. 

Our History

From DSP ownership to nearly 4 years of identity graph construction, we’ve been through the wringer. We’ve made the mistakes. We know all the angles from both perspectives and can help you avoid the land mines. We’re not theorists. We’re  practitioners, in the trenches daily, actively building and profiting from the same powerful identity graph we make available to, and assist you with. 

Our Simple 3-Step Process



Our technology makes it easy for you to personally identify and permanently own the marketing records of those who visit your website AND those who are actively researching info about your product type. This is no small matter.



You upload ONLY these top-tier, in-market prospects to the world’s largest marketing platforms and ask them to scour their massive data bases to match all those with similar behaviors and kindly add them to your list.



Now that you own a growing list of ONLY well-qualified targets, we let you reach them everywhere… online or off… across all channels and devices… indefinitely… and at much less cost. 3 simple steps to a major competitive advantage.

Why choose us?

If we accept you as a client, we guarantee to drop your cost per acquisition by 25% or more or you are not obligated to pay!  We don’t sing it… we bring it.

If you haven’t already noticed, much of what you’re told is never as simple as you’re told it is. Our system is simple and effective, which is why we guarantee serious success.

Our entire focus is to keep you focused on what matters most. There are only a handful of levers that drive the vast majority of business growth. We want to help you understand and continuously optimize them.

There are very few with the depth of practical experience and corporate flexibility to work with you on structuring exactly what you need to succeed in the people-based marketing arena.

Relax isn’t in our vocabulary. We well understand the magnitude of exponential change upon us from here forward, and we’re committed to aggressively pursue and maintain a leadership position in people-based marketing for you. 

We’re happy to explore potential partnerships. If you see profit potential by adding the ability of website visitor identification to your offering… or selling targeted leads derived by using technology, we’re willing to listen to what you might propose.

The ability to upload only known qualified prospects to any or all major ad platforms… and wait there for them as long as needed… without paying to advertise to them unless they show up there… is a far better system than the “pay, spray & pray” to temporary, anonymous cookie-based prospects used by the rest of the marketing world.

At the end of the day, you’ll be hard-pressed to find  deeper insights, better capabilities and such budget-friendly access to a world-class identity graph & people-based marketing system.

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We're well beyond product-pitching salespeople. That'll be evident when we talk. Let's see if we can find a good fit between us. Give us 15 minutes. If we're on longer than that... it's because YOU wanted to be.

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