Our Philosophy & FAQ's

Take a quick glimpse at the core of our thinking to see if it resonates with you.  Plus some FAQ’s about our services.

Our Philosophy

The fastest way to get ahead is by asking insightful questions. To do that most effectively requires collaboration from the owner(s). If you’re not willing to spend time helping us understand your most significant struggles and strongest successes, you’ll be selling yourself short. Fully arm us for battle.

Though we certainly will prioritize market efforts based on your exact circumstances, we want to shoot fish in a barrel whenever possible. Charging you a flat fee for qualified prospects  is always our first step, as it’s simple and proven profitable. You may also be intrigued to see what we have as options after that.

Randomly choosing what sounds good as your growth strategy, is choosing to waste time and money. You have way too many options to intelligently assess or guess at what might work best. Partners who know how to prioritize and optimize – profits – process – simplicity and leverage are good as gold.

Whether you’re at $2M trying to get to $4M or $100M trying to get to $200M, odds are good you’re missing several of your greatest leverage opportunities… and nobody’s presenting them because they’re not sexy and almost always overlookeed. Doing what matters most will make you as profitable as possible with the least expenditure of time and money. Let us show you.

“The most effective companies are masters of the mundane. And we can’t find any evidence that organizational performance is linked to anything mysterious or overly complicated.”

We want to work only with those who are serious about growth, open to collaboration, already generating traffic, and anxious to understand which options offer the best future leverage potential and why.

Give a call and we’ll start a civil, non-sales conversation, to see if we might be a fit.


We target individuals, real people in confirmed transactions.  Rooted in a hundreds of behavioral data points connected across an average of 2.6 devices we track over 260m real, confirmed people in their online journey through 70b unique URL visits each day.  Site Visitor Match utilizes this vast data store to provide actionable insights regarding the people that visit your website.  The insights you can derive from our behavior based data will transform how you reach people and deliver results in this cross-channel, muti-device  world.  Reach your prospect with highly-targeted messages, everywhere they go – even with the ability to market to them 1:1 in a number of channels.

What is a Smart Pixel? 
• It is a tiny 1px by 1px image that, when loaded, tracks the visit to your website, blog or social site.

Where do I use it? 
• Any page that you will drive traffic to. It can be multiple pages including both the landing pages and the client website. The code is copied into the footer of all of your website’s pages just before the tag.

Where do I load it?
• SmartPixel should be loaded on all the website pages to better learn audience behavior and find similar behavior in future leads.

Can we consider Site Visitor Match (SVM) data 1st party or 3rd party?
Yes, SVM is 1st party, not 3rd party. We act on the advertiser’s behalf by pushing data in and following Google’s service terms. We constantly monitor industry changes.

What are the minimum size audiences for Adwords?
Adwords (gmail) requires 1000 matches 
Adwords (YT, Display) requires 5000 matches
Adroll has no minimum requirement but they take normal emails not the hash

Does Adwords allow the lists to run in the legal or medical niche?
• Adwords restricts several sensitive data niches from running on some of their channels. You will have to read their advertising policies to determine what the limitations are. This also makes the data you have that much more valuable since you own the data, you can run at other channels.

Facebook and Google are walled- gardens and only allow you to use the data within their platforms. With our data, you own and control the data which allows you to advertise at any channel you choose, anytime you want and on across all devices.

Let’s say you want to advertise to last weeks website visitors to offer a new loyalty program that matched what your website visitors saw.  And you want to use Google ads.  Here’s how it works (assuming you already are advertising on Google):




You upload a data file of the hashes from the Site Visitor Match weekly file.

You create or update a campaign to target your Customer Match audience — customers (the has file) from your uploaded data file who are Google users.

When those users are signed in to their Google account, they see your ads as they use the Search Network, YouTube, and Gmail.

For more information about how Google uses the data files you upload for Customer Match and how the matching process works, read How Google uses Customer Match data.


Customer Match is currently only available on Search, Shopping, YouTube, and Gmail. It’s not available on third-party sites in the Display Network.

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