Profit-Driven Cookie-Less People-Based Targeting 

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Personally identify your website visitors & inmarket prospects

Reach them everywhere, for less cost... indefinitely

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We identify and reach ONLY your highest probability prospects for profits.
Our process GUARANTEES 100% sales attribution & lower cost per acquisition.

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What is the problem?

You waste a lot of money targeting unknown people who don't know they have a problem and aren't ready to buy... and since you don't know who they are, you can't monitor or judge their readiness. You need a reliable, consistent way to slash waste and more predictably pinpoint profits.

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What is the solution?

You need to have a process that directs your focus and resources to where your profit-ABILITY is greatest. The ability to identify and permanently reach ONLY proven in-market buyers and your invaluable website visitors across all channels and devices is your greatest profit-ABILITY bar none.

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So how do I do that?

The challenge is how to identify only these 'buyer-ready' prospects. You need insight on your prospects' behaviors you can't get from CRM's or cookies. You need a world-class identity graph and simple ways to implement its insights without a PhD or Fortune 500 budget.

Introducing Site Visitor Match

Better Prospects, More Often, In More Places, At Lower Cost
The Simplest Way To Increase Profitability!

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What is it?

Site Visitor Match is people-based marketing technology that allows you to know, own and PERMANENTLY control your website visitors' identities... without them opting-in. You can now reach your very best prospects anywhere, online or off, far more effectively and less expensively than cookies ever could.

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What does it do?

Our smart pixel technology on your site matches back your site visitors to info in our real-time database of over 250M real people. This turns anonymous prospects into “flesh and blood” leads by providing that person’s full identity contact info in a permanent, encrypted record able to be used web-wide INDEFINITELY.

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Why should I do it?

Simply said, it improves every aspect of your marketing. Tighter targeting increases relevancy which increases click thru rates which lowers click cost and cost per acquisition. Profits increase before ever considering the far greater conversion potential of multi-channel, multi-device reach online/off, WITHOUT EXPIRATION.

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Why is this an advantage?

Your website visitors are no longer anonymous! Now you can market to them like never before - because you know who they are.

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What is the result?

The result of this advantage is it gives you the ability to extend your marketing…to automatically send a postcard to a prospect who’s been to your website, for example. Or reach out via a phone call. The possibilities to extend and enhance your marketing are endless.

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What is the bottom line?

You gain a competitive advantage over your competitors (you get to the prospect first!). Increase profits because you reduce costs by 25-75%.

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