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Who is best suited for Site Visitor Match?

The Short Answer Is Successful Marketers.

Site Visitor Match (SVM) Best Fit Clients:

The more traffic you’re already driving and converting, the better, bigger and faster the impact SVM will have  on your performance results. We know you may find that hard to believe, which is why we offer a guarantee of success. We’re happy to take the risk because we very rarely lose.

Our best customers already spend six and seven figures in monthly ad spend and have well-optimized sales funnels that they’ve tested time and again. If you’re not quite there, we’ll still listen if you feel you have the potential to be with a solid game plan. Don’t listen to others song and dance if they’re unwilling to guarantee satisfaction without strings. The proof is in the pudding.  

People today use multiple devices on multiple channels. Cookies work very poorly, or not at all on mobile, and only on a single channel.  Cookies rapidly expire, with an average shelf life of under a month. Cookies can be blocked, deleted and are subject to bot fraud. Our hashed email marketing records are PERMANENT and the work across ALL  channels and devices. They’re unblockable, undeletable and not subject to fraud. They permit a permanent relationship with a known individual whose behaviors are permanently trackable… none of which you’re to get with a cookie.

If all of your prospects are pre-qualified to be in-market, even having visited your website… and you can reach them across ALL channels and devices without expiration… and you can sit and wait for them wherever they may go… and you pay nothing to show your ads unless your pre-qualified prospects arrive where you’re waiting… it’s pretty much impossible to be less profitable! By the way, you can do NONE of these highly beneficial things with rapidly expiring, anonymous cookies. Good luck beating SVM.  

The more traffic you get, the more qualified in-market prospects/website visitors we can identify. The more we identify, the more look-alikes you can get from Facebook and Google. The more qualified the target list, the higher the click thru rates. The higher the click thru rates, the lower the cost per click and cost per acquisition. It really is that simple. There’s elegance in simplicity. Test it without risk.

The higher your cost per click, the more valuable each prospect becomes to you. When you can own their marketing record out-right and reach them anywhere without expiration, you increase your odds of success dramatically over the use of cookies. Also see #3 above to see how that high cost per click is quickly reduced.

If your sales cycle is longer than a few weeks, having a permanent marketing record that can be reached anywhere without expiration is something that would be foolish to do without if it were easily obtainable and highly affordable. The average cookie has a 30 day shelf life and runs only on a single channel. Not having a permanent record is costing you an immeasurable amount of lost sales. SVM is the remedy.

If you have a product or service regularly consumed or used, even seasonally, then identifying every website visitor you have and every in-market prospect possible is golden to you, especially if you can  obtain their permanent marketing records and reach them everywhere, without expiration. When your product is consumable, the prospect’s need never goes away, so you can just keep coming back to your permanently documented audience with additional value-added messages and your sales WILL rise.

It’s obvious if you make a lot of profit per sale, or if each customer is highly valuable immediately or over time, you want to maintain permanent contact with everyone of them you possibly can. We give you that capability better than anyone else we know of, without straining the budget.

If you’re an authority site with tons of traffic, and you’d like to turn that traffic into money, we can segment your visitors to the pages/content they’ve visited and allow you to sell those records in a privacy protected format. One company we work with sells many of their leads that are smaller than they want to deal with. The opportunities are endless… and we’re willing to consider anything within reason.

If you understand the value of personally identifying website visitors and in-market prospects and think adding our technology to your own offering as a value-add or even building upon it to create whole new product… we’re open to listen to what you have to say. We’re fair and flexible, which is a great start.

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