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Create InMarket Look-alike Lists

The ability to create InMarket look-alike targeting lists using unlocked First Party Data that lower your CPC by 25% to 75%. By extending your marketing to these new platforms that become available, you will open up new markets, new profit centers, and new sources for look-alike audiences at Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Avoid Powerful Suppliers

Google & Facebook are only interested in how well prospects respond to your ads. They control what happens, not you. This means they can change the rules anytime they want. This means you are subject to their whims. Site Visitor Match converts your hard-earned SEO rank into a permanent and portable audience that is impervious to search engine index shakeups and power supplier whims. Better yet, because you own the data, it can be used across all platforms and all devices - whenever you want, as many times as you want.

Laser Focused Audiences

The power to create laser-focused audiences that you can market to (and remarket to) by piggybacking on existing popular content and authority website traffic.

Unlock Cross Platform Consistency

Unlock the ability to re-target across platforms without relying on siloed pixels or expiring cookies. Have real conversations one-to-one.

Re-target without an opt-in

Experience the ability to ​re-target without an opt-in via… Email, Direct Mail, Mobile, SMS Text, Ringless Voicemail, (and soon) Radio & TV.

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Site Visitor Match is the simplest, fastest, safest, most predictable way to generate an excellent return on investment and keep your business growing.

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