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95% of website visitors are anonymous

It is hard to have a relationship with someone you don't know

Identify anonymous visitors, develop a relationship, close sales

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3 Simple Steps to Better Marketing ROI

Identity Drives People-Based Marketing

Site Visitor Match IS Identity!  Industry Experts Agree…

In fact, if you take a moment to look at the big picture, identity is arguably bigger than all of ad tech and martech put together.

Source: AdAge (3/29/2018)

Campaigns integrating 4 or more digital channels will outperform single-or dual-channel campaigns by 300%.

Source: Gartner Research (2016)

Despite these rapid changes in customer behaviour, 90% of marketers still struggle to seamlessly connect more than three channels on the buyer journey 

Source: Gartner Research (2017)

15 years ago the average consumer used two touch-points when buying an item and only 7% used more than four. Today consumers use six with 50% using more than four. 

Source: Marketing Week (2016)

90% of marketers say they see improved performance from people based marketing as compared to cookie-based campaigns.

Source: Axios (2018)

55% of companies have no cross-channel strategy in place.

Source: The CMO Club (2016)

Omnichannel shoppers have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop using only one channel. 

Source: Google (2014)

56% of consumers used their mobile device to research products at home with 38% using it to check inventory availability on their way to a store and 34% researching products in store. 

Source: Forrester Research (2018)

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Insight from Site Visitor Match has significant effects

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Want to target more than Website Visitors?

Marketers have a problem...

What is the problem?

New customer acquisition is too expensive, inaccurate, disjointed and wasteful. Too many messages fall on deaf ears that are not ready to buy.

Prospects who are ready to buy are your best target. A better way to identify and engage them is needed.

What is the solution?

You need to have a process able to isolate and reach ONLY prospects that are proven to exhibit multiple buying signals across multiple devices and channels - especially those visiting your website but not yet engaged.

Prospects are bombarded with ads. A relevant way to engage is needed.

So how do I do that?

The challenge is to identify these 'buyer-ready' prospects. You need insight on your prospects behaviors such that you can market to them effectively and in a way that allows you to connect results with ad spend. Hard to do that when you don't know who they are.

Insight is required to qualify prospects. A cost-effective way to to do that is paramount.

Identity is the Core of Site Visitor Match

Identity Resolution is at the core of Site Visitor Match. 
It allows you to continue your marketing conversation one to one.
This is what the industry is saying about Identity Resolution…

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Introducing Site Visitor Match

Identity Resolution + Insight + Permanent & Portable Audience =
Better Conversion & Lower Costs

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What is SVM?

Site Visitor Match are prospects who are in your marketing funnel. They represent your best and fastest path to profits.

And thanks to Identity Resolution, the core of Site Visitor Match, you know exactly who they are.

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What does SVM do?

Our technology is able to match back website visitors with the information in our consumer database of over 220 million real people. By doing this, we turn an anonymous prospect into a “flesh and blood” lead by providing access to their identity in a way that protects privacy. This is valuable marketing data that you own and control forever.

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How does SVM work?

When you place our SMART Pixel on your website, we’re able to capture your traffic and match back the identity of your visitors. We’re also able to capture visitors’ behaviors pre- and post-click, and use that data as a training sample for your custom targeting algorithm. This gives you unprecedented insight and ability to communicate effectively 1:1.

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Why is this an advantage?

95% of website visitors are anonymous. You don't know who they are. But with SVM your website visitors are no longer anonymous! Now you can market to them like never before - because you know who they are.

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What is the result?

The result of this advantage is it gives you the ability to extend your marketing…to automatically send a postcard to a prospect who’s been to your website, for example. Or reach out via a phone call. The possibilities to extend and enhance your marketing are endless.

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What is the bottom line?

You gain a competitive advantage over your competitors (you get to the prospect first!). Increase profits because you reduce costs by 25-75%. Close more because your marketing is relevant and timely.

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